Our Promise

  • Easy to Work With

    We currently require no minimum order quantity and are open to helping you build the perfect assortment for the needs of your shop

  • Fast Shipment

    Most orders will ship within days! We'll communicate with you throughout the process an work with your timing and invoicing needs.

  • Exceptional Value

    We sell premium, proven grooming products and work hard to ensure we can pass a terrific value to both you and your customers

  • Going Global

    We are working on certification with one of the top distributors of grooming products in the EU, and can work with you on needs specific to your country too!

Next-Level Grooming

We are dedicated to providing your customers with a curated assortment of excellent grooming products including; shaving soaps, splashes, colognes, and more.

We aim to have something for everyone, offering customizations to our products such as by offering both alcohol and alcohol-free versions of our aftershave splashes.

  • Shaving Soaps & Post-Shave Products

    All shaving soaps by Murphy and McNeil are composed of a mix of high quality oils and ingredients that create a dense, creamy lather for an excellent shave.

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  • Premium Fragrances

    Eau de Parfum by Murphy and McNeil provides a lasting fragrance that is the perfect complement to our soaps, splashes, and balms.

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  • Bath Soaps & More

    Our goat milk formula bars are an excellent complement to our shaving products.  Due to shipping and cost constraints, wholesale orders for our bath bars start with 10 bars.

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Some of our favorite creations have been in collaboration with and born of feedback within the shaving community. We work hard with our customers (and yours) to bring fun shaving ideas to life.

Want to try an exclusive for your store? We're more than happy to work with you to see what we can do!

  • The Nantahala Trilogy

    An homage to the outdoors, our Nantahala trilogy collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving (Nantahala, Pisgah, and The Great Bear) have been an amazing journey.

    The Nantahala Trilogy 
  • Barbershop de Los Muertos

    It started with the re-vamp and re-release of the once "unobtainium" Barbershop de Los Muertos. From there, two sequels emerged each with their own flavor (chosen by John Perry) and art by Xicano Design.

    BDLM Trilogy 
  • Gael Laoch

    Another collaboration with Xicano Design and John Perry, the Gael Laoch trilogy are dedicated to "everyday warriors" and each is a unique take of the popular "Viking" fragrance.

    Gael Loach Collection 

Regular Lineup

With over 30 fragrances available in a full assortment of grooming products, we aim to have a solution that's perfect for any mood (or nose)!

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  • Granuaile

    Granuaile is dedicated to Grace O'Malley, the Irish Pirate Queen of both history and legend.

    Featuring notes of gunpowder, white leather, aged oak, and ocean aquatics that are meant to bring you back to a different time of gritty battles on the high seas.

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  • Old Sport

    This set is a tribute to the most vivid memories I have of our grandfather.  Myrrh, Tonka, and a touch of Vanilla will come across like a very sweet pipe tobacco. It's an approachable and memory-inducing scent that anyone can love.

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  • Olde Bushmalt

    Using our unique "Slainte" soap base, Olde Bushmalt an homage to whisky, and those who have imbibed the prized "Aqua Vitae" for hundreds of years. Featuring notes of plum, whiskey, woody notes and a vanilla base, this is a boozy tribute to a now discontinued fragrance.

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Bull and Bell Series

The Bull and Bell series by Murphy and McNeil is dedicated to providing classic/accessable 1 to 3 note scents like Sandalwood, Vetiver, Lavender and many more at an excellent value.

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